About Leos

First of all, Leo clubs are not based on star signs, as many people assume!

A Leo club is made up of young adults who are interested in meeting other young adults, enjoying socials together, as well as doing community service projects to improve the lives of others. Leo Clubs are a project of Lions International, so we work on similar principles.

Clubs are made up of members aged 13 – 18 (Alpha Leo Clubs) and 18 – 28 (Omega Leo Clubs). We currently have nine clubs in our district, with a few more opening during the coming year.

Did you know?

All Leo Clubs must be sponsored by one or more Lions Clubs.

On December 5, 1957, the Glenside Lions presented a charter to the Abington High School Leo Clubwhich was the first Leo club chartered.

The Abington Leos were a singular entity until 1963. In that year, a Leo club was formed at the Tamaqua Area High School in Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, a former Philadelphia Lion formed a Leo club in New York. By 1964, there were 27 Leo clubs in Pennsylvania and one in New York.

Within a Leo district or multiple district, the leadership positions include: an elected Leo district president; an elected Leo district vice president; an appointed district secretary; an appointed district treasurer; other appointed district chairpersons.

Leadership positions within a Leo club include: an elected president; an elected vice president; an elected secretary; an elected treasurer; appointed members of the board of directors.


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